Air Comfort Refrigeration Suggestion - QR Code Scanner

I received an enhancement request from Anthony Spadaro, owner of Air Comfort Service Corp and Air Comfort Refrigeration Corp, with regards to adding a feature to XRFS.

The request is that a QR code scanner be added to the Status Screen interface so that when arriving on-site, technicians can immediately scan a QR code sticker that they have placed on the pieces of equipment they service. Upon scanning, a generic PM checklist master form would pop up to be filled out and completed by the tech. This form would then be automatically attached to the Work Order that the tech is working on, but it would also automatically be added to the attachments tab of the piece of equipment.

This attachment would provide a viewable record of the service calls made on the equipment, and it can also be used by admin to verify what/when work is getting done by the technicians.

I spoke with Rick Killeen about this idea on 10/28/20 and he gave this go ahead to write this up as an enhancement idea for Vision.

Anthony, please feel free to respond to emails regarding this ticket with your own added information, if any.

  • Jeff Kaufmann
  • Jul 26 2021
  • Needs review
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