Add Option for Making Email Address a Required Field on New Customers

Bonnie asked if we could make it so that the email address field can be made a required field for New Customers.  This new System Options setting would be very similar in nature to the making a Lead Source required on a new Customer:​The setting can be in the same area on the Work Orders Tab in System Options and could say:  Email Address is req. on New CustomerJeff KaufmannBonnie,Thank you for your suggestion for improvement! We have migrated this ticket over for review by the Product Team.You can visit the website here: encourage you to look through other suggestions and vote on those you would like to see implemented.Thank you,Davisware

Great idea Bonnie! I have added this enhancement to the to-do list for next version of Vision slated to come out a little bit later this year. Keep the suggestions coming!Rick KilleenProduct Manager
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  • Sep 17 2020
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