S2K to Vision Difference: Active Agreement Summary Report


See video under attachments: Customer pulled data from S2K of Active Agreement Summary Report: When pulled from S2K data reflects 317 Renew and 474 Active. However when we ran the same report in Vision the data reflected 257 Renewed and 376 Active. We pulled the same date range for both: Customer is concerned which report is accurate and this is a financial document used for banking purposes.

Thank you for submitting this ticket regarding the active agreement summary report. Once a technician is available, they will be in contact with you via the ticket.

Vision Team, In S2k there was a checkbox for "All Active agreements" strWebKey   Because this checkbox no longer exists in Vision the report is generating different information strWebKey

Customer requesting status update on ticket


Customer looking for status update on ticket thank you Jennifer P 

From Rick:Team,There have been a number of differences identified between S2K & Vision recently, and I have been cataloging them and plan to address as many as possible between now and the end of Q3. This item is on that list. 
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  • Jul 1 2020
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