Techs Able to Post Payment in RFS

​Hey there!Our technicians are able to post payment on RFS to an SO -- is there a way we can turn this feature off?Thanks!

Bradley,The Support Team has this ticket in queue and will provide you with an update after review.

Hey Brad,Unfortunately there is not a way to restrict techs from not taking a payment in RFS. We can only force a payment to be taken.Thanks!

Is there something we can do to make this happen? We really need this to be something we can turn off. 

-Bradley Drake

HEP Services.

Hey Brad,Making a change like this in RFS would also affect GE users as well with taking payments. With having the Term Code set to COD and the Term Type set to Standard, RFS by default will have the payment set to on account. You would need to train your techs to leave the payment to on account and not switch it to take a payment if they are not supposed to. I will move this ticket over to our suggestion queue for review to see if this is something down the line that we can work on adding for the future.Thanks!Bradley,Thank you for your suggestion for improvement! We have migrated this ticket over for review by the Product Team.You can visit the website here: encourage you to look through other suggestions and vote on those you would like to see implemented.Thank you,Jason

Brad looking for the ability to setup techs to not be able to take payments via RFS.
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  • Mar 8 2021
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