Need to ability to schedule individual techs by call type in a column.

​I'm trying to have the same tech on 2 different boards, separated by Call Type.However, if I identify the SCHEDULE TECH, then I can't filter the Call Type.If I select the tech under \"TECHNICIANS\",  I can also enter a Call Type, but it does not allow scheduling from the board.  And it does not properly appear on the two selected boards.System can't enter a shift where the \"SCHEDULE TECH\" was not selected.How do I put the same tech on two boards, separated by call type and be able to schedule, move, reschedule, etc?

 I am understanding that you want the tech on two boards, each with a column for that tech by a specific call type?You are correct that we cannot filter by call type if we enter a specific tech for that column.  We can only filter by call type when no schedule tech is selected. You are looking for way to have Tech AAA on Dispatch Board 1 by Call Type XXX and then Tech AAA on Dispatch Board 2 by Call Type ZZZZ.

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  • Feb 19 2021
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