Not To Exceed not being driven by site customer

Please have a look at SO 152232 in the TESTHVAC_P database on S23.The NTE is coming from the charge customer, even though the site customer is selected as the "Price by" and the NTE is actually $500.00. I believe the NTE will in most cases be driven by the site customer, not the charge customer.  At the very least, changing the "Price by" flag should give the user the ability to drive where this is coming from.  ​​

This is Justin commenting.

Justin,The Support Team has this ticket in queue and will provide you with an update after review.

Karen Briggs

Development,In the HVAC_P test database, we have customer 1000685 with a not to exceed value in Rates tab of $500, customer is set to Price by Customer.The charge customer for 1000685 is 1002898.  1002898 has a not to exceed value of $1000 in the rates tab.  When we create a new SO with 1000685 as site and 1002898 as charge, the not to exceed is populating as $1000 (charge customer), not $500 (site customer).Since the Price By is set to Site, shouldn't we be pulling the Not to Exceed from the site also?

Karen Briggs

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We are getting not to exceed value from charge customer only, we are not using price by customer check .

Justin,We do not take the Not to Exceed value from the Charge Customer even if the site customer is set to Price by Charge.  You would have to approach the Product Team for a logic change.

Karen Briggs

Thanks, Karen.  Can we please keep this ticket open to keep track of that request?  

Justin,I am going to use the proper protocol to move this to the Product Team for review.

Karen Briggs
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  • Aug 3 2020
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