Scheduling Board headers - RH Column SO STATUS - more space needed

​RH Column for SO STATUS on scheduling board is hardwired to display the first 6 letters of SO status.  Is there any way to amend that so we can see the 7th digit as well?   See attached document for further description/ screenshots  and reasoning. Thanks, Marie

Hi Marie,Moving this ticket to Level 2 for discussion - can we add a sixth character or allow for a smaller font in an SO Status cell in the Dispatch Board?​Thanks,Barbara

Sarah - clearly one solution for this is to use QUOTC instead of QUOTEC, however I didn't want to shut Marie's request down immediately because some expectations were set that we might change it for them if they put in a ticket.

Hi Marie,Hope you are well.On the GE Roadmap for early 2021, I am looking to redesign the dispatch board altogether. I'd be happy to add this as a suggestion to be able to see more of the SO status in the column headers. I see what you mean, but we are also a little short on space with the current design.Let me know what you think. I do see you have the column Label done properly, but I'm guessing you were wanting this to be a bit more descriptive, hence the request? Thanks,Sarah

Emailed Kalyan to see if we could add that extra character or make the font a little smaller to see more of the SO status.Barbara- really really like your suggestion! However, the system uses Quote and QuoteC as standard statuses, so it would take a lot of effort to change that to QUOTC, but I like your thinking!

Hi Sarah,

Yes, please add this as a suggestion.

I added the column labels  due to the fact that the SO status field only displaying 5 characters being misleading for users of the board. (And didn't see an option to omit this field from the scheduling board set-up?)

Thank you,

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  • Aug 3 2020
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