Quotes automatically saving to the file room upon transition to quoteC

​This started happening after the update.  Anyway to turn it off?  We are basically saving nothing in the file room as QuoteC happens upon the Quote so having times input so the quote is not actually done yet

Jeremy,We have no way to turn off saving a quote to file room when it is gained.I am not quite understanding your comments.  When is the quote saving aside from Gain?

Karen Briggs

if you look at so#208769 or a test one i just did so# 211322 (both in live db) it does not matter weather you hit the lost or gained button it is automatically saving a copy of the quote to the file room of that service order. This is new to the update it never used to do this. I guess its not really a big deal aside from the fact that its just taking up space for no reason if the quote is never completed for whatever reason. Both of the above quote SO's were lost and it saved just a blank copy in the file room as there is no information. See attached

Jeremy,That trigger is automatic on status change, whether you have a value on the SO or not.  Shall I move this ticket to Suggestions, asking for a control to turn on or off the auto save?I could also get you a quote to make that change if you prefer.

Karen Briggs

ok yeah just move it to the suggestions bin. Not something worth paying for. Thank you!

Moving to Suggestions.

Karen Briggs
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  • Apr 23 2020
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